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Pond Construction

We always wanted some sort of large water feature on our property which we felt would enhance the landscape. Since we couldn't find property with water on it, we decided to build a large pond. This one is two interconnected ponds - the large one is 180 feet diameter and is eleven feet deep at its deepest point and the small pond is 40 feet diameter and is about three feet deep.
Actual work on the property began on February 8, 2000. Willie Bigford, under contract by Hankamer Homes, began by digging a test hole with a backhoe. We were told that we would hit water sand at approximately six feet in this area. No way we could put in a pond with that problem. Willie dug down about eight feet with no problem. Soil was clay down at least that far, good to contain water in a pond.

Date of photo: February 8, 2000

Date of photo: February 9, 2000
The first day of dozer work was to clear the area for the house and pond. All topsoil was moved aside for later use.
By February 10, the area was completely cleared and ready for the pond digging to begin. We were very pleased with the soil here, a sandy loam.

Date of photo: February 10, 2000

Date of photo: February 10, 2000
All work to this point was done with a tractor with front-end loader and backhoe, a dump truck and a small dozer.
The work on the small pond is nearly done at this point.

Date of photo: February 11, 2000

Date of photo: February 12, 2000
Small pond is complete, time to bring in the big iron for the big pond.
The big pond is complete. That's our youngest daughter Cindy walking across it. It is approximately 180' diameter and about 11 feet deep. The ramp to the right is a peninsula we built to allow the dozer to move in and out and also to add some character to an otherwise completely round pond.

Date of photo: February 21, 2000

Date of photo: March 3, 2000
This is the section that connects the two ponds. Later, we will build a bridge here. The small pond is about 40' diameter and about three feet deep.
Mother Nature begins her work. Rain begins to fill the pond. She will need some help, though. We will help out when the water well goes in.

Date of photo: March 15, 2000

Date of photo: April 8, 2000
The pond is about 1/3 full at this point because of a fair amount of rainfall. The slope of the landscape drains water from the surrounding land into the pond very efficiently.
Help arrives in the form of O'Day Water Well Service. They dug a 615-foot well - considerably deeper than I expected. Note that the shop construction is complete and the house construction is well underway at this point.

Date of photo: April 8, 2000

Date of photo: April 17, 2000
When the well was completed, I began running the pump from late afternoon until early morning each day. Water was being pumped in a steady stream through a 1 1/4" pipe.
By mid-May, the pond was over 3/4 full.

Date of photo: May 12, 2000

Date of photo: May 20, 2000
A good hard rain completed the pond fill-up. We added our first batch of bluegill bream and minnows on April 29th.
It took a while, but I finally completed the bridge spanning the large and small ponds.

Date of photo: May 30, 2002

Date of photo: April 22, 2003
A view of the bridge with our neighbor's home in the background.