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Lawn Planting

We started planting St. Augustine grass after the water well was in which provided the means to water it. Water faucets have been installed all the way around the pond. This is a view of the pond before we started planting grass. We needed grass around the pond to stop erosion.

Date of photo: May 12, 2000

Date of photo: May 28, 2000
This is the same view a couple of weeks later after the first round of grass planting was complete. We laid the inner ring of grass around the pond solid and spaced it farther apart as we moved back.
View of the peninsula on the far side of the pond and the area adjacent to the bridge (to be constructed).

Date of photo: May 28, 2000

Date of photo: May 28, 2000
View of the back of the shop and the house, which is under construction.
View of the peninsula from the bridge landing. This picture was taken a couple of weeks after planting. Heavy watering has produced good results.

Date of photo: June 16, 2000

Date of photo: June 7, 2000
We bought a Scott 54 inch garden tractor and a New Holland 29hp diesel tractor with a 6 foot LandPride finish mower to keep up with the 10 acres of mowing.
We didn't plant any more St. Augustine grass until December after the home construction was complete, but frequent mowing of the rest of the property began to yield pretty good results.

Date of photo: August 1, 2000

Date of photo: September 22, 2000
By late September, the grass we planted around the pond was beginning to spread between the gaps providing a solid mat.
On December 16, 2000 I hired a crew for a couple of days of flowerbed creation and more St. Augustine grass planting. We planted the front yard and the area between the house and shop.

Date of photo: March 9, 2001

Date of photo: May 26, 2001
On April 28, 2001 I hired a crew to help plant more St. Augustine grass. This time we completed the back yard from the back of the house joining up to the pond area we planted in May, 2000.