The Beast of Rose Valley J. Paul Barnett's First Novel

A rancher discovers one of his lambs inexplicably ripped in half. A teenager drives into a fence when he swerves to miss a hairy biped. A little boy swears he saw a monster in his backyard. The tiny Texas ranching community of Rose Valley is being terrorized by what seems to be a bigfoot-like cryptid, and the sheriff is doing everything he can to make sure it doesn’t cause mass hysteria.

As a lifelong cryptozoology geek, Jake Rollins thinks he’s just the man to uncover the truth. With the help of an old high school flame, Jake learns that this isn’t the first time Rose Valley has been haunted by this creature. Local folklore of this beast goes back to World War II.

When the mutilations move from animals to people, a professional cryptozoologist works the town into a frenzy, orchestrating a dangerous manhunt to take down the beast. Jake thinks there’s more to the story. This monster may be no monster at all…