The Great Republic Novel in Progress

As a rocket scientist in a country on the verge of war, Will Robison doesn’t have much time for romance, but when he meets Diane Navarro in a park, he thinks he might have met the love of his life. She’s weird, beautiful and mesmerizing, but as the relationship progresses, it becomes clear that she has a dark secret.

After discovering a damning piece of evidence, Will is convinced that Diane is not who she claims to be. All signs point to her working for the enemy. Given no other choice, Diane confesses that they are living in a future that should have never existed. She begs for his help, insisting that they can fix everything and prevent the war entirely.

With their love hanging in the balance, Will must decide whether he should turn her over to the authorities, commit her to an institution, or lean in to her proposition and see how far her insanity goes.