The First Draft Yay!

Today is a momentous day! I have finished the first draft of The Beast of Rose Valley. At 43 chapters, and almost 82,000 words, the story is complete. The plot has wrapped up. All of the characters have ended up where I wanted them to be.

There is so much more work to do. I know there are typos, and confusing plot elements. I will have to rearrange things; possibly even insert whole new chapters.

But it is finished. I have written many things over the years, but nothing this long. I converted it over to a Kindle book so I could compare its dots against “real” novels. It is delightful to see that it as long as many of the books on my Kindle.

I don’t know how long the editing process will take. I will do a pass, and then the wife will do a pass. Perhaps I will tap some test readers to give me their thoughts. I don’t have a proper editor yet, either, so hopefully I can find someone with the skills to do that.

Wish me luck!


  1. Amanda mefford

    Consider me trapped????

  2. Jorel

    That is a huge milestone! Definitely making great progress.


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