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One thing that I’ve heard over and over as I’ve embarked on this goal of getting a book published is that writing a novel is a team sport. That sounds counter-intuitive, but generally it’s referring to a lot of people that I don’t have yet — editors, agents, publishers, etc. This weekend, however, I found another way to make writing a team sport — other writers!

I attended the inaugural Paragraph Ranch Writer’s Workshop in Spur, TX.  It was a great environment where I got some great feedback from Tex Thompson on The Beast of Rose Valley and some sage advice from the organizers of the event.

That was the stuff I knew I would take away from the event before I attended, but what I didn’t anticipate was how enlightening and edifying it would be to meet other writers in various stages of the process. I had a great time hearing about the experiences of others, both in writing and in publishing.

It was incredibly comforting to know that other people have run into some of the same problems, struggled with the same confusions, and cried (sometimes literally) over the same conundrums. Writing can feel like such a lonely endeavor most of the time, so it was really great to get the wake-up call that I am not alone.

I look forward to seeing the writers that I met again in the future, and I’ll be the first in line to buy their books whenever they make it to the shelves (real or virtual). As for me — time to get back to work on polishing up The Beast of Rose Valley!

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  1. Michele Toman

    Can’t wait to hear about the feedback!


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