The Waiting Game

It’s back to the waiting game now as I anxiously hope to hear back from agents about The Beast of Rose Valley. I did get a partial request from one agent, so that’s great news, but otherwise it’s been only crickets.

The important part, though, is to remain undeterred! I’ve gone back to work on The Great Republic and I’m making great strides on that novel now. Not to undermine The Beast of Rose Valley, but I think this book will be even better!

I’ve chosen to present this book in first person present tense, which was really weird at first, but I really like how it gives a sense of urgency to the book. The reader isn’t recollecting a long-gone memory — they’re in the thick of it with the protagonist, seeing only what he sees and experiencing only what he experiences.

With the progress that I’m making, I’ve elected (and been graciously given the chance) to continue working on this endeavor rather than returning to work as a software engineer. I am excited about the chance to keep working on this, and I’m hoping it will yield positive results in the form of progress towards publication by the end of the year (even if it’s only self-publication).

In other news, judging for the SAWG Annual Writing Contest is underway and I should get feedback from that soon. I’m sure it’s a stacked field, as there are a number of talented writers in the guild, but since every submission receives a judge’s critique, it will be a valuable experience either way.

I’ve also signed up to attend the Canadian River Valley Writer’s Workshop, where I’ll be able to fellowship with other writers and get a little bit of feedback on the first part of my new novel. It’s a long drive all the way up to the far reaches of the Texas Panhandle, but I’m excited to reunite with a lot of the same writers who attended the Paragraph Ranch Retreat back in December.

Even though I’m not always posting here, things are still inching along. It’s a long process to publication in any form, and every step teaches me more and helps me get closer to my goal. I’ll keep you all posted!

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