The Name Game From J. Paul to J. P.

Back when I started this website (and my corresponding Facebook page), I had a tough decision to make. What name would I use to publish my work? My everyday name was out of the question because it’s identical to an already famous UFC fighter. Something tells me, he and I may not have much of a crossover audience.

So my next choice was J. P. Barnett. I’ve always loved the way it sounded, and I’ve occasionally used it here and there, but alas, some fella already had It made me sad, but I was intent on having a simple domain name, so I ended up with J. Paul Barnett.

But lo and behold, I decided to check on the domain name yesterday and it was available! Ecstatic, I immediately purchased it and got everything converted over. Since I haven’t actually published anything yet, it should only be a minor inconvenience for mostly friends and family. Also, who knows, maybe any fans of that other jpbarnett will become fans of mine!

The other domain name should still work for a while yet, but certainly update your bookmarks so you don’t miss anything in the future. Also, if you notice any oddities, or places that still show my name as J. Paul Barnett, please let me know!

I am so happy to have been able to switch over before I get anything published. Hopefully, I’ll have a long career as the novelist J. P. Barnett!



  1. Terri Goodman

    Was really fun meeting you at the Writer’s League conference… I like JP better than JPaul so cool on capturing that URL … I’m joining your fan club!!

    1. J. P. Barnett (Post author)

      Thanks, Terri! It was wonderful to meet you as well.

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