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First place! Gumdrops

I am excited to announce that I have won first place in the 2018 Texas Authors Short Story Contest in the Science Fiction category with my short story, Gumdrops. What does that mean exactly? Other than winning first place — which is always awesome — it also means that my story will be published in Short Stories by Texas Authors Vol 4! So, not only will you get my short story by purchasing the book, but you’ll also get a number of other awesome short stories by Texas authors. The book is slated to come out October 15, and can be…
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Short Stories A break from novel writing

As mentioned previously, I’m in the midst of a the revision process with The Beast of Rose Valley, making changes based on feedback I retrieved over at The Paragraph Ranch Retreat. I haven’t made much headway on that, though, because I’ve been focusing on something else. I am a member of the San Antonio Writer’s Guild, and they are holding their annual Writing Contest. There are a number of categories, but I honed in on three that I thought I could contribute something to: Short Stories (1000-4000 words), Flash Fiction (1000 words maximum), and Novel – First Chapter.