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It’s been a while since I updated, and blogs tend to fail when they don’t get updated. There’s not a lot of news to report related to my writing, but I have switched focus again back to The Beast of Rose Valley.

I have a good start on The Great Republic, and I will get back to it, but after getting another beta reader on The Beast of Rose Valley and then also based on some of the results of my querying, I’ve decided (and been advised) that it’s a solid book with a slow start. Given that it’s horror/thriller, that just won’t do.

So, I’m rewriting the first five chapters. Some of what was there will just be shuffled around, or edited, or combined with other chapters. Some of it will be deleted entirely. There are two new chapters that didn’t exist at all before.

Now the book starts in the past and then jumps forward by 75 years. The new first chapter is much more exciting, and going to the past was the only way that I could really start with action, otherwise my main characters would know too much too soon. So, a lot of the rewrites are focused on blending that starting flashback in with the rest of the story.

The long and short of it is — I’m still writing! I am attending a writing retreat in early December where I’ll be able to get even more feedback on The Beast of Rose Valley. After I integrate that feedback, I’ll get back to querying again.

Thanks for sticking with me! One way or another, there will be a book to read eventually.

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  1. Michele Toman

    Can’t wait to read the new chapters and hear the feedback from December!


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