Contest Results SAWG Annual Writing Contest

Back in December, I submitted a few entries to the San Antonio Writers’ Guild Annual Writing Contest. Preparing flash fiction and short stories for that provided a welcome respite from the grind of trying to finish my current novel. And now, after a few months of judging and waiting, the results are in!

I am honored to have received the following placements:

  • Second Place (Novel Excerpt) for The Beast of Rose Valley
  • First Place (Flash Fiction) for All Gone
  • First Place (Short Story) for The Great Republic

So yay! Not only does it give me a great sense of confirmation that I might be on the right track with my goal of getting a novel published, but these placements also came with a cash prize — which means I finally have revenue for my writing career! Now I can say someone has paid me for my writing… sort of. I’ll take it, at any rate!

If you’ve been keeping up, you’re already familiar with The Beast of Rose Valley as my first novel that I’m currently querying. I wrote my flash fiction winner, All Gone, when I was in high school after visiting my great grandmother at the hospital shortly before her death. I did dust it off and polish it up before the contest, though, because my high school self was not quite as good at writing. As for The Great Republic, you might notice that it shares a name with the novel I’m currently working on, and that’s because it’s a short story based on the same premise as the novel.

Though this isn’t the major milestone of getting published, I am proud of this accomplishment, and grateful to SAWG for the opportunity and awards. As much as I’d love to throw all of these stories up on the blog, I’m holding them back for now in the hopes of getting them published (either wholly in the case of the novel, or in a compendium in the case of the others).

Thanks for sticking with me!


  1. Sherry Huggins

    Awesome. Congratulations on finally getting paid for all the work you do on your writing career.

  2. M Brooke Barker

    Yay awesome! I was curious after our chat on Tuesday when you might hear the results and am thrilled for you to have received placement as well as some cold hard cash ????

  3. Twila

    That is something awesome! I am super proud of you!

  4. Jorel

    Woot! Gaining street cred for your work is a big deal. Definitely says your on to something. 😉

  5. Mom

    I am so happy you got the opportunity to do this. I knew when you were in high school how talented you were. Thank how proud Mrs. Hart is! Congrats! I predict many more successes to come!!


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