First place! Gumdrops

I am excited to announce that I have won first place in the 2018 Texas Authors Short Story Contest in the Science Fiction category with my short story, Gumdrops.

What does that mean exactly? Other than winning first place — which is always awesome — it also means that my story will be published in Short Stories by Texas Authors Vol 4! So, not only will you get my short story by purchasing the book, but you’ll also get a number of other awesome short stories by Texas authors. The book is slated to come out October 15, and can be bought exclusively through the Texas Authors bookstore here. It’s available for pre-order now.

And what is Gumdrops about? Well, it’s only 2,100 words so it’s hard to get into it without spoiling the whole thing. Obviously, it’s science fiction, and it centers around a person who has found what seems to be some sort of alien lifeform in their backyard. It’s a story that I’m very proud of, and I’m thrilled that it will be my first published work.

The organization behind this contest is an advocate of literacy programs, with no less than $2 from every sale of the book going to literacy programs. In addition, they have a goal of placing this particular book in 1,000 libraries across Texas.

Interested in something even cooler? I will also have access to paperback copies of the book, so I’ll have those available as well. I don’t have a fancy storefront or anything, but if you’re really into me (so, basically, my mom or my wife) and want to buy a signed copy, I can make that happen. If you know me personally, feel free to reach out on whatever media you’ve got for me. Otherwise, pop over to my contact form.

Though it’ll be until next March before my first novel is available for purchase, hopefully this short story will provide a taste of what’s to come… though the short story is science fiction, and the novel is horror/suspense, so maybe not too strong a taste.


  1. Greg Wickard

    Lol so that means our copies will be signed in 18k gold ink?

  2. Mom

    I better make sure I ask for a signed copy now! Seriously, I’m really into you and really proud of you! I can’t wait to read it!

  3. Rachel

    Congratulations, that’s awesome!


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