Short Stories A break from novel writing

As mentioned previously, I’m in the midst of a the revision process with The Beast of Rose Valley, making changes based on feedback I retrieved over at The Paragraph Ranch Retreat. I haven’t made much headway on that, though, because I’ve been focusing on something else.

I am a member of the San Antonio Writer’s Guild, and they are holding their annual Writing Contest. There are a number of categories, but I honed in on three that I thought I could contribute something to: Short Stories (1000-4000 words), Flash Fiction (1000 words maximum), and Novel – First Chapter.

The deadline is December 31, and my goal was to submit the maximum of two entries to each category, but it looks like I’m going to fall one short. Though I managed to get two Flash Fiction entries, and I had two first chapter novels already, I managed to only submit one short story that I had already written.

I wrote a second short story, but I just couldn’t get it to a place that I was happy with. It is clearly inferior to the other I submitted, so it didn’t seem worth submitting at all. Still, five submissions seems like a pretty good accomplishment!

SAWG is full of talented writers so I’m sure I’ll face some stiff competition, but even if I don’t win, I will receive a score sheet back from the judges, which I think will be very helpful in honing in on what I need to improve on.

I look forward to the feedback, and to reading the winning submissions. I’ll keep you posted on the results!

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